About Our Company

We are service providers relating to Energy Auditing & Consulting, Energy Management policy planning, Environment Impact Assessment and Sustainability driven solutions for all and every kind of business. “Conservation is the new production.” On saving electricity it does not only increase the cost savings and profits, it also increases the overall performance of the business in terms of Productivity and Efficiency.

“Energy is the necessity of living
Sustainability is the way of living"

We help businesses find the right balance between improving the energy cost of a product without affecting the quality of the end product or service. Energy optimization is what is our main goal through which we enhance the industries to become self-sufficient in energy management. We work with Industries, Institutions, Organizations, Utilities and Governments.

What we do?

AmpereVoltage Consulting Private Limited is an Energy Auditing and Consulting company, mainly focusing on the implementation of energy conservation opportunities in industrial and commercial spaces. The main focus areas are Energy Optimization, Energy Management, Energy Conservation.

Energy costs accounts for about one third expenditure for major manufacturing and production industries. Minimizing the Energy cost has a great scope for maximizing the profits.

The other benefits of Energy Auditing include the Operational efficiency improvement, Increased productivity and Sustainable operations. The company has highly resourced professionals who are Energy experts and industrial veterans offering the best solution for any given situation.

Our vision

We will be the market leader in achieving the maximum Energy and cost savings through quality work and experts in Sustainability solutions.


To promote Energy Responsibility, Energy Efficiency, Energy Minimalism, Energy Conservation & Energy Management with the most innovative Sustainable Industrial practices.

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