Energy is one of the major costs in production in any sector of the industries like Agriculture/Manufacturing/Service, contributing to more than one third of the cost. Energy Auditing and management helps to reduce the energy consumption, leading to Decreased costs and increased profits.


Energy audit is a systematic approach to identify the energy consumption in a facility, through detailed procedure of measurement, monitoring & verification and identifying the energy conservation opportunities and pursue the energy management program to reduce the energy consumption and increase the energy savings, cost savings and profits.


Increasing environmental issues have made governments adopt serious norms and reforms. Also as responsible businesses many organizations actively take up Corporate Social Responsibility through which they perform many environmental conservation and sustainability practices. Environmental & Sustainability guides all kinds of organization in adopting best environmental and sustainability practices, clear environmental regulations & clearances and being eco-friendly ahead in their businesses and attaining a competitive advantage.

Environmental Impact Assessment and Sustainability Assessment are some of the major assessments for the enhancement of environmental aspects both in the organization and the society. Other assessment includes Greenhouse gas emission monitoring, Building performance analysis, etc. ISO 14000 is considered to be the most important environmental management standard adopted by many organizations worldwide.

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