Electrical Safety Audit

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Electrical Safety Audit

Safety is one of the foremost important factors taken into account for the proper functioning of any facility.

blogLikewise Electrical safety audit is highly important plant and to avoid any substantial damage to the working personnel or the property and for the effective functioning of the without any interruptions. The major scope of the electrical safety audit includes the following

  • Scope of electrical safety in the general safety policy
  • Statutory compliance with the rules of Central Electricity board
  • Compliance to the electrical safety standards
  • Review of electrical systems and procedures
  • Physical inspection to identify any possible electrical hazards
  • Review of electric preventive maintenance
  • Inspection of the integrity of the insulation of cables
  • Inspection of earthing and grounding system
  • Review of any probable chances for overload in the facility

After the audit, the benchmarking of the facility can be done in terms of electrical safety. The electrical safety audit’s key premises are the preventive maintenance in a periodical and systematic procedure to ensure the safety.

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