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Process Energy Audit

Process Energy is mainly concerned with Material and energy balance for the entire plant/facility.


This is done to draw the process flow charts imposing the material and energy balance. It helps in finding the energy consumed in each process, and take necessary actions to optimize the energy utilization.

Energy balances are calculated for the external energy used per kilogram of a product or raw material processed or drying of material or the major key product in the facility. The direct energy such as electricity or fuel and the indirect energy involved in value addition activities such as packaging etc are also taken into account for the calculation of energy balance.

The energy balance in terms of material can be calculated in the ways such as heat balance, steam balance etc., based on the process in the industry/facility. This gives the energy efficiency for the entire plant as well as a particular process and sources of energy losses with appropriate quantification. Sankey diagram is one of the major tools used for energy balance.

The various findings of process energy audit are

  • Energy efficiency for the total unit
  • Energy efficiency for each process
  • Energy consumption per process
  • Energy consumption/ unit production of a product
  • Major sources of energy losses with quantification
  • Major sources of material losses with quantification

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